Configure a Safety System

Safety at Work was the first certified technology that enabled safe and non-safe devices to be combined on a single network. Developed by a consortium of companies, it was decided early on to make AS-Interface the communication backbone for Safety at Work. This decision not only provided users with the simplicity of AS-Interface it also enabled the use of hundreds of compatible products from major automation solutions providers.

Recent advances make Safety at Work the ideal solution for all kinds of safety installations; from very small, perhaps two or three safety devices, to very large with several hundred safety devices.

Stand-alone Safety Stand-alone safety installations using the KE4 safety controller
This safety controller offers onboard safe and conventional I/O and is ideal for even the smallest safety setups. Step–by-step instructions and sample configurations get you going quickly.
Expansion Port Safety Stand-alone safety installations using the KE4 safety controller expansion port
For installations that require additional I/O, safe or non-safe, users can add just about anything to this safety controller's expansion port. The expansion port takes advantage of AS-Interface and allows the safety controller to manage medium-size safety systems with up to 35 safe input devices. Several how-to videos give you detailed instructions on using the safety controller as a mini safety PLC.
Safe Input Modules Using safety modules
Safety devices are interfaced using safe input modules. This way safe dry-contact, safe electronic and even safe encoders can be used on AS-Interface. Our how-to videos provide detailed information on how this is done..