Watch AS-Interface in a Hurry

These short, single-topic videos give you valuable information quickly. In fact, in just about two minutes you can learn how to design a 1000 m long AS-Interface network. And in just one minute, we show you how to install an AS-Interface repeater. Use AS-Interface in a Hurry every time you have an AS-Interface question. If you cannot find what you need Ask a question. Not only will we respond quickly, but chances are there will soon be an AS-Interface in a Hurry video.

How to Connect AS-Interface Accessories How to Connect AS-Interface Accessories
Connection devices the fastest way to connect devices to AS-Interface.
Splice AS-Interface Flat Cable Splice AS-Interface Flat Cable
Repairing a Network splicing in a section of new network cable.
Using an AS-Interface Repeater Using an AS-Interface Repeater
Repeater extending a network by adding another segment.
AS-Interface Segments and Networks AS-Interface Segments and Networks
Segments and Networks tips and rules on extending networks.
Teeing AS-Interface Flat Cable Teeing AS-Interface Flat Cable
Branching adding network tees to create new branches