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The Pepperl+Fuchs Mobile Exhibit

The Pepperl+Fuchs Mobile Exhibit travels throughout North America demonstrating Pepperl+Fuchs´ extensive line of products.

  • 91% of visitors told us that they found one or more new ideas that will help them in the future.
  • 73% didn´t realize that we had such a broad product portfolio.
  • 92% of visitors said touring the exhibit was time well spent.

Inside, you´ll find 13 display panels that provide you with product overviews and related videos showing how Pepperl+Fuchs´ products can solve your toughest applications.

See What Our Visitors Say

"Helped diversify my thought process on machine design."
  .... Press Manufacturer

"Some impressive new technologies."
  .... Custom Machinery Manufacturer

"They were able to answer all my questions and concerns."
  .... Manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment

"I learned about sensors that we typically don´t use."
  .... Automotive Manufacturer

"Knowledge of different sensors will aid me in the design of future machines."
  .... Automation Systems Integrator

"This was a great exhibit with many applications for our equipment."
  .... Manufacturer of Tubing

"Everyone was great and extremely informative."
  .... Welding Equipment Manufacturer

The Pepperl+Fuchs

Mobile Exhibit

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Mobile Exhibit Schedule

All locations and times are approximate and subject to change. Please contact Pepperl+Fuchs to confirm.

January 2019 Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas
February 2019 Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida
March 2019 Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
April 2019 Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New England States
May 2019 New York, Ohio, Michigan
June 2019 Ontario, Quebec
July 2019 Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky
August 2019 Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin
September 2019 Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado
October 2019 Utah, Washington, Oregon, California
November 2019 California, Arizona
December 2019 Texas

Additional dates will be added as they are scheduled.

For Questions About the Mobile Exhibit

Contact Sam Lazzaro
Telephone: (330) 486-0265

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